About us

Svea is a family-owned company with extensive experience within the construction industry. We have worked in Stockholm since 2006, and have recently expanded to Norway.

Svea’s ambition is to satisfy the customer’s requirements in an uncomplicated manner, and to collaborate on contracts of any size, contributing the experience accumulated in our company and that of our partners.

We undertake high quality work at reasonable prices in a spirit of collaboration. We believe that quality lies in satisfied customers and fulfilment of their requirements. We achieve this by exploiting our strengths in being able to liaise with everyone involved, creating the right conditions for running a successful project, delivered on time and to the right standard of quality.

To live up to our business concept, we take the long-term view and learn from experience, while continuously seeking simpler, more efficient solutions that meet the customer’s requirements. Our personnel are known for their positive attitude and openness, are well-informed and highly professional.

We can undertake building projects as the general or turnkey contractor, or as a subcontractor.